Chinese tourists empty Nimman’s shelves of masks

 | Fri 31 Jan 2020 12:14 ICT

CityNews – Not only are Chinese tourists stocking up on masks to wear during their time here, but many are also buying in bulk to take home. This has led to an increase in price for masks, especially in popular areas such as Nimmanhaemin.

All precautions being taken, and bought

In spite of reports of a dramatic drop in numbers of Chinese tourists, walking around Nimmanhaemin at any given time of the day or night, would belie that fact, as there appears to be a very, ahem, healthy number of tourists still in the area. Pharmacists and shops which sell masks say that sales have been more than brisk as some tourists tell staff working there that they fear for future outbreaks and that there may be not enough masks provided in China, so they are being prepared by stock piling them.

Brisk trade in hand sanitisers and masks

Many outlets have now put signs up to say that they have run out of masks. The stampede to purchase, according to many shop owners, began two weeks ago and the masks began to run out last week. According to one pharmacist, a box of 50 masks used to be sold for 100 baht, but some places are now selling them for as much as 500 baht. He went on to say that with every new order he makes, he sells out within a very short period of time.

Empthy shelves

However, more expensive masks such as N95, are not flying off the shelf as fast. Sales of hand sanitisers have also been brisk, he said.

No, this isn’t China. It is 711 Nimmanhaemin
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