China Extends Loan of Pandas to Chiang Mai Zoo

 | Thu 7 Aug 2014 20:18 ICT

CityNews – Two pandas at Chiang Mai Zoo will stay for at least another 10 years after China agreed to extend its loan of the cuddly creatures, reports said today.Chiang Mai Zoo’s Lin Ping.

Panda research chief Baripat Siriaroonrat said the 10-year loan extension means there will be no need to sign an annual renewal, the Bangkok Post reported. The signing ceremony is expected to take place at the zoo in the next few months.

Xuang Xuang and Lin Hui have been on loan at the zoo since 2003. Xuang Xuang celebrated his 14th birthday with a party at the zoo yesterday.

Lin Hui gave birth to a female giant panda, Lin Ping, five years ago after artificial insemination. Mr Baripat said the zoo plans to try it again soon.