Chiang Mai Photographer Captures Lunar Eclipse in Spectacular Image

 | Mon 13 Oct 2014 19:35 ICT

CityNews – This stunning image, a composite of eight photographs, shows the moon rising over Chiang Mai during last week’s lunar eclipse.
Image: Alan Puzey.

The photos were taken over one-and-a-half hours last Wednesday by CityNews reader and keen photographer Alan Puzey, from a room at the Royal Lanna Hotel.

Atmospherics cause the moon to be almost red at full eclipse, and this slowly changes to a normal black and white moon as it rises,” Alan said. “Here in Chiang Mai, the full eclipse happened just before moonrise, hence it was seen here as in my photos – slowly changing colour and the eclipse waning.”

Last week’s lunar eclipse – during which the Earth passed between the sun and the moon – created a “blood moon” in which it took on a red hue, with the moon reflecting sunlight in the earth’s atmosphere.