Shops running low on masks

 | Fri 7 Feb 2020 16:04 ICT

CityNews – 6th February 2020, members of various economic and business groups along with representatives from the Ministry of Interior, inspected the manufacturing of face masks in Chiang Mai.

Two factories in Chiang Mai have reported that they can produce up to 220,000 face masks per day and inspection has shown satisfactory stock in raw materials to keep up production until the end of March. Most of the raw materials come from China, and there has been some delay recently, but there is nothing to be concerned with at this point. Most of these masks, however, are sold outside Chiang Mai.

As to retail sales of masks, it has been discovered that the N95 masks are beginning to run low, with many shops being told that they must wait between one to three weeks for the next delivery due to the rapid and bulk sales to Chinese tourists. Many shops are now limiting sales to 5-10 pieces per person. Masks which can filter out PM2.5 particles are currently being sold at between 15-150 baht, depending on the quality.