Chiang Mai Hits AQI of Over 200

 | Tue 19 Apr 2016 09:17 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai has reached over 200 AQI over the last two days following further smog buildup after Songkran.

smog in Chiang Mai

On April 18, the PM10 levels in the old city were recorded at 163 AQI, but according to the US Consulate which does independent air quality tests based on average PM2.5 levels, the levels have reached over 200 AQI in the last two days.

Today the level was listed as 192 AQI.

Air quality over 200 AQI is deemed ‘very unhealthy’ and all individuals are advised to avoid going outside and refrain from activity or exertion outside.

The last week has also seen record temperatures across the north of Thailand, leading to an increased risk of wildfires that leads to additions smoke particles in the air.

Mongkol Suksai, deputy governor of Chiang Mai, called all departments involved in the prevention of burning to be extra stringent as it has now passed the 60 days burning project, meaning that all fires from now on are illegal. However, each district is still able to organise a schedule for burning with limited times and areas which those wanting to burn must apply for first.

He also asks for the public’s support to cooperate with the rules and officers to help reduce wildfires and burning across Chiang Mai.

Earlier today, reports of a summer storm were issued again by the Meteorological Department that if accurate, may see the chance of rain or strong winds that will help in reducing the smoke problem in Chiang Mai.