Chiang Mai doing brisk trade in masks

 | Tue 7 Mar 2023 21:38 ICT
Chiang Mai University made an announcement earlier this week that residents of Chiang Mai are advised to mask up at all times until the pollution abates. The university went on to say that residents of Chiang Mai are 1-1.4 times more likely to have cancer than residents in other parts of the country. 

Mask shops are announcing stocks selling out and demand for masks on a steep rise. 

Residents of Chiang Lai May recall that until 2018 we didn’t have official readings follow PM 2.5 particles from any official sources, nor were we told to wear N95 masks. With widespread awareness about the longe term effects of air pollution, residents who have previously been stoic about the annual pollution are doing the only things they can to protect themselves – air purifiers, masks, and staying indoors.