Chiang Mai Comes Together in Support of LGBT Victims of Orlando Shooting

 | Wed 15 Jun 2016 06:02 ICT

CityNews – The US Consulate, together with over 100 Chiang Mai citizens and tourists met last night in commemoration for the dead in Florida.

On the evening of 14th June, many in the LGBT community in Chiang Mai as well as their friends and supporters, gathered in front of US Consulate General to mourn those killed in the recent Orlando shooting. There was talk about coming together to support anti-violence for homosexuals in society.

This event was led by Jennifer D. Barnes Kerns, US Vice Consul.


Here are some comments by last evening’s attendees:

“This tragedy should not happen in any society, how someone can kill a lot of people without sadness? An inequality of gender still appear in everywhere around the world. We must to stop it, stop gender discrimination” Mook, 21, Thai Student.

“My heart is still so heavy for those lost, who said that love wins everything – Love sometimes wins for normal gender. This world scares me, and I have to do something to fight for homosexual people.” Jessica, 25

“I am a lesbian, and I also get the attacked from others. The world should add more love and less hates.” Joom, 43, Children Future Association

“It was broke my heart. What happened in Orlando and can never be forgotten, I hope this kind of crime will not happen anymore, not only Olrando but, around the world” Noolek, 35, Mplus Foundation