Call to stabilise price of pork

 | Wed 15 Jul 2020 16:22 ICT

Following the end of lockdown and the reopening of many restaurants and businesses across the city, demand for pork has increased.

However, market vendors say that while they are paying more for pork as abattoirs and butchers are increasing prices, they are reluctant to pass on the extra cost to the consumer and are only adjusting their prices slightly.

Pork is sold in markets now for between 130-150 baht per kg, only slightly raised from pre covid days.

“The problem is that with increased demand since the end of lockdown, we have had days when pork has been hard to find, as supply can’t match demand,” said Narong Piemsuk, a pork vendor at Muang Mai Market.

“None of us want the price to go up as that will affect the consumer,” he continued. “Even the abattoirs are absorbing the cost to keep it low.”

Panuwat Yingtaworn, 28, sells grilled pork and says that he has only noticed a slight increase in prices. But he agrees with Narong that abattoirs, butchers and market vendors won’t be able to absorb these prices for much longer. They are just two of a chorus of people who are asking the local government to step in and see what they can do to help keep prices low.

“Pork is very popular here and if the increase in prices is passed onto the consumer, many businesses will struggle to sell their dishes,” added Narong.