Bridge in Saraphi Cracking, Heavy Vehicles Prohibited

 | Thu 15 Sep 2016 06:26 ICT

CityNews – Authorities have banned heavy vehicles such as six-wheel trucks cross the Phra Chao Prrom Maharaj Bridge in Kua Mung Sub-District in Saraphi.


Yesterday there was a conference in Chiang Mai held by Governor Prawin Chamniprasart about the safety of the Phra Chao Prrom Maharaj Bridge in Saraphi.

The concrete pillars holding the bridge up have cracked and the metal supports are beginning to bend. The meeting concluded the bridge needed repairing, and in the meantime any heavy vehicles are prohibited crossing.

Cement pipes will be used as a roadblock for larger vehicles, only allowing cars and motorbikes to cross.

A Bailey Bridge will be used for the crossing of larger trucks and six-wheelers while repair work is underway.