Black Market Car Engine Warehouse Raided

 | Mon 30 Nov 2015 07:39 ICT

CityNews – Police raided a storehouse containing around 150 Japanese and European automobile engines and car parts, with search and arrest warrants in hand.

car warehouse

The storehouse, owned by 27-year-old Anusorn Saeliw, is located on 5 rai of land in San Sai district.

Anusorn was arrested with his five employees, aged between 19 – 29.

The police also seized two guns, which Anusorn claimed were pawned items.

Police have recently have received many reports of stolen cars and car parts. Some victims are owners of rental car shops, whose cars had never been returned after being rented.

Investigations led police to Anusorn’s storehouse, where many car parts had been separated for sale.

Anusorn, who is also a car racer, confessed that he had bought cars from thieves and pawn shops.

He admitted to his crime.

According to the police, Anusorn had sold parts of cars for wholesale prices in Chiang Mai, nearby provinces, and Bangkok for over a year.

The evidence seized had a value estimated at around 65 million baht.