Another Mahout Dies at Elephant Nature Park

 | Thu 3 Jan 2019 13:51 ICT

CityNews – A 58 year old mahout has died at Elephant Nature Park.

On December 28th 2018, Kopa ‘Patee’ Charoenchaioran, a Karen mahout died from being attacked by his elephant at Elephant Nature Park. The 58 year old man was from a Karen village in Mae Hong Son and he was reportedly cleaning his 12 year old elephant’s stall when his elephant attacked him. Reporters were refused access to the scene, but police reports say that the elephant is in musth, a very dangerous time for male elephants and their carers.

Lek Chailert, founder of the Elephant Nature Park posted on Facebook mourning the death of Patee on the following days saying,

“I am at Patee’s village to join with his family for his funeral . My heart breaks to see his widowed wife and family in mourning. Patee still had both father and mother, as well as seven sisters and brothers altogether. Patee was the third son in the family. He came from a strongly bonded family within the Karen tribal community.

In this moment the loss and pain is raw, especially for his wife. Only time can take that away. Patee is gone. We will do our best for his family .

I would like to thank all of you who sent caring messages from around the world to Patee and his family.

R.I.P Patee .”