200 politicians in upcoming Thailand national election register in Chiang Mai

 | Mon 3 Apr 2023 20:10 ICT
Noppon Suya, director of the Chiang Mai Office of the Election Commission of Thailand told CityNews earlier today that aspiring and current politicians gathered at the 80 Year Meeting Hall at Chalerm Prakiet Park earlier today to register for the upcoming election.

There will be a general election held across Thailand on 14th May 2023 after the dissolution of the 25th House of Representatives.

According to Noppon, so far over 100 politicians have gathered so far, with a further 100 expected by the end of the day.

“Each politician has arrived today to register and wait to find out what their candidacy number will be, so that they can start campaigning,” explained Nippon. 
We have 1,333,088 registered voters in Chiang Mai, with over 70,000 new voters this year. The most populous areas for registered voters are Hod, Om Koi, Doi Tao and Mae Chaem districts. 

“We expect an 85% turnout this year, more than the 83.33% turnout at the last election.”

Supporters of politicians arrived with garlands and well wishes.