Obituary: Mark Fenn

 | Mon 18 Jan 2016 05:34 ICT

Mark Fenn, CityNews editor (2014-2015) passed away in his sleep early Sunday morning. He was 38 years old. Mark was a journalist who was passionate about politics and who had worked in highly regarded publications including the South China Morning Post, the Bangkok Post and the Straits Times.


During his stay with CityNews he wrote many pieces about Thai politics and dedicated himself to sharing and raising awareness of the hardships of marginalised communities in Chiang Mai. The Foreign Correspondence Club of Thailand paid him tribute by saying “he was loved for his exceptional wit, and his passionate takes on politics and human rights.”

A funeral service is being held at Wat Pa Peng, Chiang Mai until January 19. Tuesday ceremony begins at 7:30pm and his cremation will take place on Wednesday at noon.

Below are some of the articles he wrote while he was with CityNews. All the staff send our deepest condolences to his wife Kamonwan and his family back in the UK.

Migrant Blues

100 Years Since the Great War: a Northern Siam Perspective

The Forgotten Soldiers of Mae Salong

Karen National Union ‘Will Resist Efforts to Repatriate Refugees Prematurely’

And commentary by Mark Fenn featured in an article by his good friend and colleague, James Austin Farrell.

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