Chiang Mai Community Raises 150,000 Baht for Refugees in Bangladesh…More to Come

 | Wed 11 Oct 2017 08:14 ICT

CityNews – With over half a million Rohinga refugees now in Bangladesh, the Chiang Mai community has come together to do our little bit to help.

One member of the community who wishes to remain anonymous has kindly donated 50,000 baht and the concert held at Tha Pae East on the 27th September has also resulted in 100,000 baht being raised. So far, the group has sent 150,000 baht to Children on the Edge/Mukti to distribute emergency aid to the over half a million refugees who have newly arrived from Rakhine State. The group has committed itself to raising funds and sending regular installments to the refugees until the end of the year. At first the donations will be used for emergency relief but as the situation stabilises they will phase over to activities targeting vulnerable children. They will be organising a host of fund raising events until the end of the year in Chiang Mai and also in Bangkok.

“We are so grateful to our generous donors and assure you that your donations will be used accountably and effectively to reduce suffering among the refugees,” a member of the working group told Citylife. “We will be sending regular installments of emergency aid over the coming months so please continue to donate.

Please follow all updates at This is an apolitical humanitarian group which feels that the only important thing is mobilising compassion and support for our brothers and sisters who are so obviously in absolute misery and hardship particularly the children.

Citylife Garden Fair has pledged to donate 1/8th of our fundraising at this year’s Citylife Garden Fair towards this group. We aim for a minimum of 50,000 baht. Please support our efforts to raise money for various groups in need by joining in our Citylife Garden Fair this year.


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