Dara Vietnamese Food

 | Wed 26 Jun 2013 14:54 ICT

Around two years ago a friend of mine, a vet, took me to this restaurant, telling me that not only was the food fabulous but the prices were so cheap. I immediately took my entire staff there for lunch. We ordered everything we wanted in the menu, there was no holding back. Fresh spring rolls. Naem nuang, shrimp wrapped around sugarcane, lemongrass wrapped around chicken, pho, etc.

After that monumental dining experience I retuned a while later only to find a sign saying that the restaurant was closed. They didn’t even tell us if it had moved.

So, today, just before lunch, I had a yearning for Vietnamese food, having had a bit too much meat in my diet of late. The body was screaming for vegetables! I know there are so man Vietnamese restaurants in Chiang Mai, but I really really felt like Dara Vietnamese, so I visited Khun Google, he seems to know everything – I can’t imagine life without this favourite relative of mine – and found their new location.

I got their number, called them up and found out that if you drive along the moat from Sri Phum Corner turn left at Chang Moi Road, only about 100 metres in and you will see a wicker furniture shop by the road, turn left into that little soi for another 200 metres and the restaurant will be on your left hand side of the road. It is open from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. daily and if you want to pick up food you can call in advance and place an order at 053 874040.

Stuffed Crispy Egg Crepe: Yellow smooth dough, deliciously tasty fillings with a sauce that you can enhance flavours yourself by adding a few accompanying elements.

Chao Tom (Shrimp Wrapped Sugarcane): the meat of the shrimps is delicious and is comprised of pure shrimp (unlike many places which cheat by adding pork).

And many more dishes…

When we asked for the bill, we nearly fell off our chairs. We didn’t understand how it could be so cheap. Two of us ate our fill, had two glasses of rosella juice and a bottle of water and the bill was 239 baht only.

There were so many more dishes I didn’t have a chance to try as we were too full. But I am sure they are all delicious!

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