Woman Attacked by Thief she Recognised, Leading to Arrest

 | Tue 13 Oct 2015 05:15 ICT

CityNews – On October 8, a woman called police when she regained consciousness after a thief broke into her home and attacked her with a log, causing her to black out, only later waking to find her belongings stolen.

home thief

Ms Soi Inta told police she was hit over the head with a two inch thick, one metre long log by a thief who entered her home.

She also told police she recognised the thief as her old co-worker, 31-year-old Somsai Lungti from Chiang Dao.

On October 12, police successfully traced and arrested Somsai who had sought refuge in a construction site in San Sai.

The police searched his residence and seized some stolen items including two gold necklaces and a gold bracelet.

Somsai admitted to attacking and robbing Soi, and told police he had already spent the money he stole – 2000 baht – while escaping the scene.

He now awaits prosecution.