Two Young Men Arrested For Stealing Bike and Hiding Remains in the Moat

 | Mon 14 Mar 2016 05:39 ICT

CityNews – Two young men have been arrested in connection to a motorcycle robbery after police investigated the engine serial numbers on a new ‘classic style’ bike.

kids steal bike ditch in moat

On March 13, police arrested 18-year-old Ron (alias – real name withheld) and 16-year-old Ko (alias – real name withheld), for the robbery of a motorcycle in Chang Klan on February 25.

Police questioned the young men after police saw them building a motorcycle outside a house in the local area. After checking the serial numbers of the engine and bike frame in their posession, the items were identified to be part of the stolen motorcycle reported last month.

Police arrested the two young men, who confessed to stealing the bike in February. They told police that they stripped the bike for its frame and engine before throwing the remains of the bike into the moat near Suanprung Psychiatric Hospital.

The two await prosecution.