Two Vehicles Fled Scene of Hit and Run which Killed Two Teenaged Girls

 | Wed 15 Aug 2018 07:42 ICT

CityNews – Families of two teenaged girls who died in a traffic accident are pressing police to track down the other involved drivers who fled the scene.

A video clip has been posted on Facebook exposing a traffic accident occurring on the second ring road, in Hang Dong, on August 13th. The video revealed two motorcycles crashing into each other. Two of three casualties, a 12 year old girl and a 17 year old girl who were riding together, fell to the ground and were then run over by a pick-up truck coming along the road at high speed. The drivers of the other motorcycle and the pick-up truck both fled the scene.

The case has been reported to the police families of the deceases girls fear that the police will fail to follow up on the incident. They have therefore made the decision to use social media to keep pressure on the police.

Today, August 15th, the families visited Mae Ping Police station requesting an update on the case and asked to review the evidence.

Police have confirmed that they have been investigating and are gathering evidence while tracking down the two drivers who fled the scene.