Two Thai Men Attacked by Four Drunk Tourists

 | Wed 11 Nov 2015 03:54 ICT

CityNews – Two Thai men were beaten up by four foreign tourists who broke into a fruit store while drunk in the early hours on November 9.

farang attack

On the day in question, at around 5am, 29-year-old Lertnatee Sriwichai who owns a fruit store in Sompet Market in the Sri Phum, awoke to loud sounds coming from his store. When he investigated the noise, he found four tourists, drunk and dancing on his fruit tables.

He shouted at them and chased them away, but then followed them to see where they were staying so he could inform the police.

However, the four men then turned on Lertnatee and beat him up.

During the attack, 52-year-old Prapat Phuekngam who was walking past, saw the fight and tried to save Lertnatee. However, he was also overcome by the four foreigners and was also attacked.

The four tourists only stopped attacking the two men and escaped the scene when they saw a group of locals rushing to help stop the attack.

After the incident was reported to the police, the four foreigners were identified as 22-year-old Nicolas Lidstrom from Sweden, 24-year-old Andrew Nicolas Johnson from Canada, and two Dutch 18-year-old men, Peter Julien and Gareth Estrol.

They were staying in an apartment building Ratchavithi soi, close to the fruit store.

The four men await prosecution.