Two Police Officers Arrested After Selling Over 20 Seized Motorbikes

 | Thu 28 Apr 2016 09:13 ICT

CityNews – Two police men arrested after admitting to stealing and selling more than 20 seized motorcycles at Mae Wang police station.

police bike thief

Police Major General Pacha Rattanapan of Police Region 5 and his team visited the Mae Wang Police Station on April 27, to questioned two suspects; Pol.Sub-Lt. 43-year-old Kritsada Lodkaew and 45-year-old Paiboon Thiptim, in relation to two stolen motorcycles in Mae Wang.

After questioning the two police officers, it was revealed that Kritsada had sold seized motorcycles to Paiboon, claiming they were ready for auction. Paiboon would then sell the motorcycles at low prices, around 3,000 to 4,000 baht.

The pair admitted to stealing and selling over 30 motorcycles.

The investigation began after many motorcycle owners filed reports that their bikes had gone missing or been sold, despite expecting them back.

However, thanks to the ‘Police Have Eyes’, 26 motorcycles have been retrieved and given back to their rightful owners.

The two police officers were arrested and await prosecution.

Police have asked the people who bought the bikes from Paiboon to return them to the police station. They will be refunded and no charges will be pressed against them as they were innocent to the scam.