Two Local Famers Arrested for Burning

 | Thu 16 Mar 2017 03:50 ICT

CityNews – Nawai Police have arrested and fined another two farmers accused of burning illegally in the 60 days no burning campaign from February 20 to April 20.

The campaign is aimed at reducing the amount of smog and smoke in Chiang Mai and the surrounding provinces during the traditional burning season which often engulfs the city and hills in a thick blanket of dangerous smoke particles.

The campaign was arranged by the Chiang Mai Governor who claims that the police are working stringently to prevent burning and bring those who do burn to justice.

Nawai Police are located on the border of Chiang Dao, an area with many ethnic group and farmers, all who burn their crops.

Although difficult to catch farmers in the act, the police arrested two men and charged them with burning illegally, and took five other men into custody but were later released due to a lack of evidence.