Three Men Arrested and Fined for Burning Illegally

 | Thu 2 Mar 2017 06:34 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Dao police have arrested and fined three men who were caught burning crops and land during the current 60 days no burning campaign.

The 60 days no burning campaign is a campaign instigated by the local government to help combat the yearly smog problem. The law now prohibits farmers from burning crops or land from February 20 to May 20, 2017.

On March 1st, authorities were made aware of three farmers illegally burning crops and land on a farm in Chiang Dao. They were arrested and then sued before being released.

Police gen.Choltep Maichai told the press that anyone found burning during these 60 days will be arrested and fined. If anyone is found burning brush or land in protected areas such as the Doi Suthep – Pui National Park, will receive a fine of between 200,000 baht and 2 million baht, and be imprisoned for 4 – 20 years or both. He also assured the press that regardless of the person, if caught burning they will be arrested and dealt with in accordance to the law.