Thai Restaurants in US Ripped Off Workers

 | Wed 20 Nov 2013 14:03 ICT

CityNews – Two restaurant owners, Yaowapha Ritdet and Steve Walter, are being charged with violating the Labour Code for crimes committed over three years at their two restaurants.

The investigation found that over the three years, workers of the two restaurants normally worked 11.5 hours a day or more for six or seven days a week. They were often denied meal breaks, received no minimum wage for the hours worked, and no overtime as required by law.

Their restaurants, Walter Cafe and Ruen Tong Thai Cuisine, both north of San Francisco, employed workers who are now owed a collective 1 million dollars in unpaid minimum wages. The 47 workers are also owed almost $400,000 in unpaid overtime, and around $150,000 for meal period premiums.

In total, the sum of money owed to the workers is $1,616,658.51 or 50.9 million baht.