TAT kicks off ‘Thailand Extreme Makeover’ campaign to promote medical tourism

 | Wed 5 Mar 2014 09:23 ICT

CityNews – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has kicked off its new digital marketing campaign, “Thailand Extreme Makeover” to promote the kingdom as a centre of medical tourism.

Tourists from all over the world are invited to join a “reality-type” contest in which the selected contestants undergo makeovers including various cosmetic surgery procedures. There is a 5,000 US Dollars cash prize up for grabs as well as a chance to win luxury trips to Thai tourist destinations.

Mr. Thawatchai Arunyik, Governor of TAT said, “The Thailand Extreme Makeover campaign is a reality competition that will not only create awareness about Thailand as a destination for medical tourism and the excellence of our medical facilities, but also promote the kingdom as a travel destination with something for everyone.

“Thailand already has a great reputation for its excellence in medical care and people come here for operations of all kinds. The expertise of our doctors and wide range of procedures we can offer are turning Thailand into the “medical hub” of Asia.”

The “Thailand Extreme Makeover” digital marketing campaign will give anyone who likes the idea of completely changing their appearance, the chance to do so at the hands of skilled Thailand-based surgeons.

Anyone interested in joining the campaign is invited to send photos showing their face from all angles – straight on; at the left and right profile; from the back and from above. Candidates also need to include their personal health profile and reasons for wanting a makeover. The judging committee, made up of medical experts and beauty surgeons, will then select three (3) lucky candidates who will be invited to Thailand for their life – and face-changing trip.

During their stay in Thailand, each of the contestants will be videoed and clips will be uploaded to the special Thailand Extreme Makeover website. This will allow their friends and relatives to watch and follow the progress of the makeover as well as allow members of the public to vote for their favourite contestants.

In the end, the contestant with the highest number of votes will win the 5,000 US Dollars cash prize and a luxury tour package in some of the best accommodation in Thailand. The two runners-up will also be treated to their own luxury tour packages to enjoy in the kingdom.

And it is not just the contestants who benefit. The audience who follows their progress and votes for their favourites also get the chance to win various beauty rewards and prizes.

The “Thailand Extreme Makeover” campaign will be promoted through various digital marketing platforms as part of TAT’s ongoing strategy to promote Thai tourism via online media. Awareness of the campaign will also be raised across traditional print and online media, both in Thailand and overseas.

According to the TAT Governor, the campaign is also part of an ongoing government drive to make Thailand the medical hub of Asia. Recent years have seen tourists come from all over the world for medical treatments and cosmetic surgery in Thailand. The kingdom’s doctors and nurses are world-renowned for their professional medical skills and specialisation.

“As well as this, the famous Thai hospitality offered to patients coming here also plays a part. People feel welcome here and safe when coming for surgery. They can also combine their trip with a holiday on our islands or beaches to recuperate,’’ Mr. Thawatchai said.

For more information about the “Thailand Extreme Makeover” or to download application forms, visit www.TourismThailand.org/ThailandMedTourism or www.ThailandExtremeMakeover.com.