Six Illegal Bird Feed Vendors Arrested at Tha Pae Gate

 | Tue 16 Jan 2018 05:46 ICT

CityNews – The city inspector has arrested six illegal bird feed vendors caught around Tha Pae Gate following complaints by locals that the number of pigeons has increased since their arrival.

Police conducted a crack down on illegal pigeon food vendors in July at Tha Pae Gate after locals complained about the growing number of birds in the area and reports that people were selling pigeon food despite a clear banning of such activities.

With hygiene as a main priority, the Chiang Mai municipality banned the sale or trade of bird feed in and around Tha Pae Gate to help reduce the number of disease carrying pigeons in the city. They have also conducted numerous pigeon catch and release projects that help further reduce the number.

However, in recent months vendors have returned to the area, secretly selling bird feed to tourists and visitors. As a result, the number of pigeons has dramatically increased once again, causing locals to submit complaints to the authorities, asking them to take action.

On January 15, the city inspector and his team visited Tha Pae Gate and arrested six people who were illegally selling bird feed to tourists. They were taken to the police station and charged with vending in public without permission. The vendors complained to the police that the authorities actions were unfair, despite the clear signs in the area.

Authorities also said that this is not the first time they have arrested and charged illegal bird feed vendors in the area, but due to the small fines, they just pay and return the next day. They have asked tourists and locals to not encourage vendors and refrain from buying feed.