Singaporean man attacked his girlfriend with a reaping-hook in public

 | Tue 3 Sep 2019 15:19 ICT

CityNews – Police responded to reports of an incident of assault at Chiang Mai Business Park on the Chiang Mai-Lampang Road, Nong Pa Khrang sub-district, around 11am on August 3rd.

At the scene, police found Sheng Xiang Albert, 38, from Singapore, who turned him self in and had in his possession a reaping-hook, beloved to have been used in the assault. The victim was his partner, Parichat Punrungkit, 29.

The man told the police that the couple had been living together for six yeas and had two children. On that morning, he was not feeling well so he had Parichat drop the kids to school. As an hour past by without being able to reach her by phone, he became anxious as the victim allegedly has a habit of lying to him. His worry was that she might have been having an affair.

Albert tracked his girlfriend’s location using her mobile phone GPS and found that she was at the Chiang Mai Business Park. When the two met, they had a fight which escalated into a physical assault. He admitted to have attacked her with a reaping-hook which he had brought with him.

He was stopped by a bypasser who witnessed the incident. The victim is now at the hospital. Police have not yet concluded what the charge against the man will be.