Restaurant Claim Harassment by Men Claiming to be Military Officers

 | Wed 5 Sep 2018 04:37 ICT

CityNews – A restaurant filed a complaint after claiming to be harassed by men claiming to be military officers.

The Chiang Mai Internal Security Operations Command sent 20 officers to investigate Huen Huay Keaw Restaurant today, September 4th after the restaurant filed a complaint regarding official misconduct of military officers. The restaurant reported that they have been threatened by men claiming to be military officers who demanded the restaurant to be closed down. On each visit, now totaling five, the alleged military officers reportedly drove away the restaurant’s customers.

Pimwilai Subngoentong, the restaurant manager, claimed that the restaurant is located on a legitimate title deed. However, the pseudo-authorities say that after a background check they found that the piece of land had been having issues regarding forest encroachment. The restaurant is located next to Huay Kaew Waterfall, and has been subject of much speculation over the years as to their legitimacy. Authorities suspect that the restaurant may be facing trouble because it has borrowed money from loan sharks and say it is possible that those are the people harassing them.

The Chiang Mai Internal Security Operations Command is now investigating the case.