Removal of Illegal Lumber in Chiang Dao Sparks Resident Protest

 | Wed 24 Jun 2015 04:38 ICT

CityNews — After an inspection in Chiang Dao to prevent trespassing in area forests, officials of Huai Nam Dang National Park along with military, Chiang Dao police and local authorities arrested Ngor Laolee, originally from mae Hong son province, for illegal logging in the area on June 23rd.

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The officials seized 203 pieces of pine lumber which caused 20,215 baht in damages to the forest. They also seized a chain saw, a bottle of gasoline, a tin of motor oil, and his pickup truck.

That afternoon, as officials were inspecting the illegal lumber and removing it from the scene, around 30-40 residents of the area attempted to block the officials from leaving with the confiscated goods. The residents believed that the officials would have them evicted for the illegal activity, and therefore tried to prevent the transport of the lumber.

After negotiating with the locals, officials assured the residents that that was not their intent, and residents cooperated with the removal of the illegal lumber.