Remote Car Key Jammers Suspected in Chiang Mai

 | Tue 19 Sep 2017 04:01 ICT

CityNews – Police are advising people to be aware of a possible car key remote jammer being used in Chiang Mai, recently discovered at the Tesco Lotus Hang Dong parking lot on September 18.

A driver reported to the police that he could not lock his Toyota with his remote car key on September 18 after which the police began an investigation in the parking lot.

They found around ten Toyota cars that were unlocked, and believe a remote care key jammer was being used in the parking lot, blocking the lock signal from the keys. However, due to the police presence in the area, after ten minutes the interference disappeared, suggesting the owner of the jammer had left the area.

Police have warned car owners to double check their doors when locking with a remote car key, and to report to police if any items are stolen from their cars while parked.