Police Hunt Goldfish Kidnappers

 | Mon 20 Mar 2017 07:43 ICT

CityNews – Police are searching for two burglars who broke into a family home and stole four goldfish in Chiang Mai.

Two burglars have been identified through CCTV breaking into the home of a Mini-mart owner in Nong Pa Krang, and stealing their pet goldfish.

The fish owner, Airin Laoatchariyaphon, reported the robbery to police after she saw her four goldfish missing the next morning. The CCTV show the burglars were well prepared, with nets and cans to hold the fish in. She believes that the fish were targeted, as nothing else was stolen.

Police mnanaged to capture the face of one of the suspects, but the bike licence plate was obscured.

Police told CityNews that despite it being a small case, and at first glance seemingly unimportant, the robbery was clearly planned and executed, and is a criminal case just like any other reported robbery. Police as the public to report anyone who the believe may have been involved in the robbery by visiting the Mae Ping police station or calling 089 191 0344.