Police expect to identify suspects over the crime of passion victim soon.

 | Mon 22 Jul 2019 14:12 ICT

CityNews – Police believe there are multiple suspects for the murder of a woman whose body was dumped in Samoeng.

Following the homicide case of Wilawan Boonreong, 50, whose body was discovered on the roadside in Samoeng District on July 18th, police have been pursuing a lead following a statement by her brother who hinted at a possible crime of passion.

Police are investigating CCTV cameras as her belongings and motorcycle, which she used on the day she went missing, are still not found. The investigation revealed that she was at a restaurant in Mae Rim where she was accompanied by unidentified person(s). It is possible that there will be multiple suspects as the body was relocated from the crime scene to the dump site.

Police are also contacting phone numbers on the vinyl banners used to wrap her body, which advertises property. Although, the number was no longer in service, the former owner was identified. On July 21st, police announced that they are expecting to identify the suspects soon.