Brutally murdered body turns out to be victim of a possible crime of passion

 | Fri 19 Jul 2019 12:58 ICT

CityNews – The brutally murdered body has been identified by the family who gave police a clue as to a possible crime of passion.

After the body of a woman was discovered on the road side in Samoeng on July 18th, police were contacted by a family who identified her as Wilawan Boonreong, 50. The brother of the decease reported that she had been missing since July 16th. On that day, she left the house by motorcycle with a purse containing a few items of her belongings including a cell phone and wallet.

After her son was unable to reach her via mobile phone throughout the evening and the following day, the family decided to file for a missing person. The discovery of the body on the news alerted the family to reach out to police.

The brother explained that Wilawan had committed adultery with an ex-army officer leading to a physical quarrel between her and the man’s wife, the incident was reported to the police. Police are now gathering evidence for this possible crime of passion.