Police Excavate More Infant Remains

 | Wed 22 Apr 2015 09:29 ICT

CityNews – Police and rescue officers performed an excavation under the Brahma statue in search of a baby’s dead body late morning on April 21st. The excavation was performed due to statements given by Chalerm Duangthong of Doi Lo sub-district after he was arrested by police Region 5 on April 8th in connection with four dead bodies of babies that had been buried inside Wat Huay Dinji, a temple in Doi Lo district.

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The incident was witnessed by many local residents.

The officials took around an hour and finally found a glass coffin with talismans. After opening the coffin, they found a baby’s dead body with baby girl’s clothes and shoes and other items for the baby, as well as 100-baht banknotes.

The dead body was dried and left with bones, and cannot yet be identified its gender.

According to the Police Colonel Anu Nernhard of Doi Lo Police Station, the dead body was taken for an autopsy to determine the cause of death, and to conclude whether it was murdered or not. If yes, those involved will be prosecuted. The results of the autopsy are expected to be reported within seven days. He believes it was not a scheme operated by many people, but an isolated incident carried out individually.

According to Dr Sathit Kimsiri, director of Doi Lo Hospital, the dead body will be sent to Maharah Nakorn Chiang Mai to identify its gender.

According to Police Major General Pacha Rattanapan of Police Region 5, though the dead body was found, Chalerm cannot yet be prosecuted. They are waiting for the results of the autopsy, to find out the cause of death, and whether it is about kidnap or concealment. They are investigating to find out who brought the dead body to Chalerm too.

The investigations are ongoing.