Pai Child Flasher and Molester Arrested and Blacklisted

 | Mon 23 Apr 2018 07:37 ICT

CityNews – An American man has been blacklisted from Thailand after he was caught exposing himself to children in Pai, Mae Hong Son.

On April 22nd, Police officially arrested 65 year old Stillingail Warren on account of child molestation.

The video and screen grabs from CCTV along with a report by one of the children’s parents was shared widely this week, with both Thais and foreigners condemning that act.

Warren was accused of exposing himself to a group of children on April 19 in Pai. After the children escaped him, they instantly told their parents who immediately called police and checked CCTV cameras.

The attack was caught on CCTV, showing the man approaching a group of children, before hugging, kissing and groping them before pulling down his trousers and exposing himself to them.

Warren was last seen fleeing to Chiang Mai where police managed to catch up with him. He told officers that he was drinking.

Police also discovered that his visa had expired, so the man was living in Thailand illegally at the time the attack occurred.

Warren has been blacklisted from Thailand and authorities are arranging his extradition back to the US where he may face further criminal charges.