One Dead and One Injured After Two Men Fight

 | Tue 6 Oct 2015 07:42 ICT

CityNews – One man was found dead and another severely injured after police were called to an incident in the Wiang Haeng area on the night of October 5.

murder fight

The deceased was identified as 33-year-old Noi Lungjing, who died from loss of blood after the assailant cut his throat.

The injured man was identified as 47-year-old Jortik Porkoo, who had knife wounds to the head and face. He was rushed to Wiang Haeng hospital.

According to witnesses, the two men mentioned above began quarrelling before Jortik attacked Noi with a knife, slashing his throat.

Noi’s relative, 54-year-old Laota Sealee, witnessed the attack and rushed to the scene, attacking Jortik.

The cause of the fight has not yet been established, and investigations are ongoing.