Officials Inspect Bars in Chiang Mai, Nothing Illegal Found

 | Mon 11 May 2015 08:43 ICT

CityNews – Officials inspected a range of bars and clubs in the city last Friday night, looking for illegal behaviour and bars staying open after midnight.

police bar check

Officials, including police, military and local authorities, were divided into two groups, inspecting the Nimmanhaemin area and the Sompet Market / Loi Kroh Road area.

According to reports, no illegal behaviour was encountered on Nimmanhaemin road, and the latest venue to close was Tawandeng at 1am.

Loi Kroh Road was found to be very empty and there was also no illegal behaviour.

Officials later made a trip to Kamphaeng Din road, Chiang Mai Land and Boon market. Again, nothing illegal was found.

Officials finished the inspection at 1am, Saturday morning.

According to Prajuab Kanthiya, Chief of Muang Chiang Mai District Office, the inspection shows how venue owners have cooperated well with government officials by closing their bars and clubs on time, currently set at midnight.

According to local law, pubs and bars must not disturb residents nearby, involve with drugs, human trafficking and not sell alcohol to minors under 20.

Officials will continue to inspect bars and clubs in Chiang Mai, and any venue found breaking the law will be prosecuted.