Narcotics Stash Turns Out to be Weapon Stash

 | Thu 15 Oct 2015 04:03 ICT

CityNews – On October 13, the military were informed of a stash of narcotics hidden in a field in Chai Prakan’s Nong Bua sub-district, following a tip-off.

weapons stash

However, when police went to inspect the area, they found a stash of weapons instead of narcotics, hidden in a 2-metre long PVC pipe. Weapons included a RPG-7 rocket launcher with two rockets, and a 25 Carbine with bullets.

Police then raide the field’s owner, Sunee Saeju, to check for any other evidence of weapons or narcotics.

Officials however are yet to discover the people involved with stashing the weapons.

It is believed the weapons belonged to a gang involved with narcotics or smuggling weapons.