Men Arrested For Murder in San Sai

 | Fri 4 Dec 2015 10:36 ICT

CityNews – On the afternoon of December 3, Saparee police arrested two men on suspicion of murdering 31-year-old Suchart Pengkham, whose body was found outside an abandoned house in the San Sai area.image

Police were able to identify the suspects by CCTV footage and witness study, arresting the suspects within five hours after the body of Suchart was found.

22-year-old Narongdet Chaiwut and 22-year-old Sorawit Rasri were arrested by police. They both are from Sarapee’s San Sai district.

Narongdet told the police that while him and his friends were drinking beer in front of a bar when a stranger man (Suchart), who was drunk, came join them and drank their beer.

Suchart then began speaking rudly to the two men so they moved to another table away from Suchart, but he followed them and kept bothering them asking for beer and cigarettes.

Narongdet became angered at Suchart and kicked him in his neck. Narongdet and his friend proceeded to drag Suchart to the abandoned house and beat him up along with his friends, including Sorawit.

Narongdet told police he was unaware that Suchart was dead until police arrested him.

Police are now tracing two other men, known as Doi and James, involved in the attack.