Man Robs Mae Rim Store, Arrested

 | Tue 3 Jul 2018 08:47 ICT

CityNews – A man dressed in grey and hiding his face with a motorcycle helmet was arrested today following a robbery of a convenience store in Mae Rim on July 2nd.

A 7-Eleven store at a petrol station in Mae Rim was held up with a knife after a man dressed in dark clothes and wearing a helmet threatened a staff member. The man made off with 630 baht.

The suspect was identified as Nuttakit Kunharn, and was arrested the next day, July 3rd. He told police that he visited the store the day before in order to work out his method and plan an escape route.

When he carried out the robbery, he escaped on motorbike to his friends apartment and hid for the rest of the day.

He told police that the money had already been spent. Nuttakit was charged with armed robbery and awaits trial.