Man Kills Fellow Hmong Hunter After ‘Mistaking him for a Chicken’

 | Wed 14 Mar 2018 07:57 ICT

CityNews – A Hmong villager, aged 62, has been arrested and charged with murder after he confessed to shooting at another Hmong villager hunting in the jungle when he mistook him for a wild chicken.

On March 14, police were alerted after local villagers discovered a dead body in the forest. The body had bullet wounds to the chest, neck, forehead and right arm. The victim was 34 year old Asa Wiriyanukul, another Hmong man from the same village. According to the locals, Asa has ventured into the forest to hunt for chickens but never returned. He was found by his father.

After a short investigation, police discovered that a Hmong man in the village was in possession of an illegal gun, and questioned the man. 62 year old Tong Saengpetchpaiboon later confessed to the murder, claiming that while out hunting for chickens on the same day as Asa, he heard the sound of a wild chicken and saw a black and red figure that looked similar to a wild chicken, so he decided to shoot it down. However, after shooting he heard the groans of a man. He fled the scene, scared he would be charged with murder.

Police have taken him to Mon Chaem police station for further interrogation and prosecution.