Man Casually Strolls out of Jail…Before Being Arrested Again

 | Fri 22 Jan 2016 09:35 ICT

CityNews – On the morning of January 19th, a drug suspect, 36-year-old Wisanu Saengthongchaichana from Phrae, managed to escape from his cell in Chang Phuak police station.


Wisanu had been arrested on drug charges in a sting operation and was jailed at the Chang Phuak police station.

According to another suspect who witnessed the incident, on the night before the escape, Wisanu used a piece of aluminium frame from the mosquito wire screen to unlock the door.

He threatened the other suspects not to make a noise or else he would injure them, and spent the night waiting in the cell.

When morning came and as a policeman unlocked the door to bring in another suspect to the cell area, Wisanu calmly opened the door and left when the policeman’s back was turned.

His action was caught by a CCTV camera. And he was arrested again the next day.

On top of his drug charges, he will be also prosecuted for escaping the jail.

Watch the video here.