Man Alleges Sexual Assault by Two Men

 | Wed 17 Jan 2018 09:02 ICT

CityNews – A young man was sexually harassed by two men at a public restroom of a gas station.

Golf, 19, who is currently studying in Chiang Mai, told reporters today that he had been sexually harassed.

Around 4pm on January 16th Golf made a stop at a gas station on Manee Nopparat Road to change his clothes before going to his part-time job. As he was in the restroom, changing his clothes, he saw a foot inserted from below followed by a hand making unusual gestures, and eventually, an unpacked condom was shown.

Golf was reportedly terrified to leave the restroom but when he heard the stranger went to the restroom next door, he decided to escape. That was when a man flung out from another room and grabbed him by his arm. Golf turned back and managed to brush him off. The man was gesturing for oral sex and Golf fled towards the door. Another man showed up, shoved Golf back to the restroom. He resisted and escaped eventually.

Golf posted this experience on Facebook and the story was shared by a famous page called Mam Po Dum (queentogetherisone) making it go viral.

Police have investigated the scene and tried to track down the suspect using the CCTV installed at the restroom. However, the manager of the gas station refused to hand any evidence over, claiming that the authority to do so must be sought from head offices in Bangkok.