Man Accused of Shocking Animal Abuse Affirms His Innocence

 | Fri 2 Nov 2018 03:42 ICT
Following an animal sexual abuse case against him, the suspect, Damrongpon Sanmuang, 53, claims that he is innocent of the crime, and that police lack conclusive evidence. Although Damrongpon resembles the man in the video clip he posted, physical examination by police confirmed that Damrongpon does not have the man’s distinguishing tattoo.

Damrongpon admitted that he took a photo and video of him ‘seemingly’ having intercourse with a dog about ten years ago, but claims he never actually assaulted the animal. He claims the material was released among his gay friends, from whom he collected money for gathering similar video clips. Police found similar video content on his computer and mobile phone, which he said that he found online.

His 82 year old mother expressed dismay towards the allegation, claiming that her son is not an animal abuser.

Their neighbours were also shocked by the news. One neighnour confirmed that the small shop run by Damrongpon’s mother is not the alleged gathering place of animal abusers, but merely a meeting point for friends and family. Akom Kantavila, 57, a neighbour whose dog was allegedly abused, confirmed that the allegation is false and says he believes his neighbour is innocent.

Police charged Damrongpon for his inappropriate video under the Computer Crime Act.