Lampang Bank Robber Arrested After 3 Day Investigation

 | Mon 13 Jun 2016 10:09 ICT

CityNews – A bank robber that targeted the Bangkok Bank in the Tesco Lotus, Lampang on June 7, managing to get away with 190,000 baht after threatening the staff with a fake gun and using a ‘ping pong firework’ to mask his escape, was arrested on June 10 after an investigation by the police.

bank robber lampang

On June 7, the robber, identified as 43-year-old Chakrit Siripan was arrested at his home in Mae Moh, Lampang after police traced the motorcycle he used in his escape.

The ‘ping pong firework’ he used in his escape is a small ping pong sized cracking bomb often set off during Loy Krathong celebrations.

The motorcycle was a different colour than the day of the robbery, but Chakrit admitted it was him that did the robbery.

Police seized 128,500 baht from a hiding place he stashed the money and a BB gun after the robbery.

He told police that he stole the money as he was fired from his job but needed money to help pay for his paralysed mother’s treatment.

prosecution is underway.