Illegal Mining Operation Caught Encroaching Mae On Forest by Authorities

 | Fri 4 May 2018 04:49 ICT

CityNews – A mining operation in Mae On was found to be encroaching into protected forests and operating illegally.

Local villagers in Ban Sa Ha Khon, Mae On, have made a complaint about dirt mining operation that is causing lots of dust in their area. On April 30th, an investigation was carried out and after examining documents and permission given to the operation it was found that the operation was illegitimate.

Sutan Unliwan, 44, who was held accountable for the operation claimed to have permission from the tambon administrative organisation which he claimed was a legitimate title deed but they failed to produce and evidence to support the claim.

It was found that they did not have permission from the tambon and they were in fact encroaching into the Mae On National Reserve.

Sutan was arrested today May 4th. Police are now gathering evident for further prosecution.