Hit and Run Victim in Coma, Driver Turns Herself In

 | Mon 14 May 2018 08:49 ICT

CityNews – A woman has turned herself in after a hit and run incident in Chiang Mai left a 54 year old woman in a coma.

Police opened an investigation after it was reported that a Toyota Yaris collided with a motorbike near the Sam Yaek Market. Video from CCTV cameras in the area were shared on Facebook by the relative of the motorcycle driver, who wrote in the post that the driver has yet to be identified, and that his aunt who was riding pillion suffered severe head injuries and is currently in a coma.

The incident happened at around 11pm on May 9th.

After the videos were widely shared on Facebook, the driver turned herself in. On May 12th, the driver who has not yet been named by police, admitted to police that she was the driver. She told police that she had popped out to buy some food and dozed off at the wheel, causing her to hit the bike. She said she fled the scene because she was shocked.

Police have yet to charge her with any offence as they investigate the incident further.

The video (click here to view) shows the white car hit the bike and drive off without even braking.

Police have also gathered witness statements from a local noodle shop owner who saw the collision. He said that the crash was so hard that the bike drivers body flew into the air before hitting the windshield of the car before being knocked to the floor.

The 54 year old aunt was so badly injured that she fell into a coma of which she has yet to come out of. She is under intensive care at a local hospital. The family of the victim have asked police to hold the driver accountable and charge her as soon as possible.