Headman Accused of Logging Flees Home When Officials Visit, Wife Arrested Instead

 | Wed 4 Oct 2017 09:37 ICT

CityNews – Illegal logs were found at the Pa Nai sub-district headman’s house after officers visited to investigate. The man fled, leaving his wife to deal with the officials.

The Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression Division accompanied with Chiang Mai police and Si Lanna National Park officers investigated two houses due to reports that claimed that the Huay Khon watershed forest was being illegally logged under the command of the Pa Nai sub-district headman, Supap Aramkaew.

An investigation at Supap’s house revealed five pieces of teak wood, seven processed Burma padauks and an engine saw. The headman had fled the scene so his wife was charged with illegal logging after she said the wood and saw belonged to her.

The team continued the investigation at Manit Suwannapan’s house where another engine saw was discovered. Manit told police that Supap employed him to cut the wood but he was about to quit. All the evidence was seized and the investigation still continues.