Gold Goes Missing From Bank Safe, CCTV ‘Broken’

 | Mon 29 Feb 2016 08:19 ICT

CityNews – Gold deposited in a well known bank in Chom Thong was found missing when the owner returned to collect it in late December 2015. It was recently discovered that the CCTV recording devices were broken during the time the gold was deposited, leaving no evidence as to how the gold disappeared.
Stolen gold

The missing gold was first reported in December when 69-year-old Witwatchai Udomanopwittayakul returned to the bank (name withheld) to collect his gold.

Witwatchai deposited 4 boxes of gold in safe number 64 in April 2015, weighing 881.7 grams, in the Chom Thong branch, keeping it safe while he began opening a new gold shop in Mae Hong Son. He already owns 5 gold shops in the north of Thailand.

The gold was valued at roughly one million baht.

In late December he returned to the bank to retrieve his gold, but the safe was empty.

The bank have claimed that without a letter from Witwatchai, the safe cannot be opened while he is not present.

However, after police asked to review the CCTV footage, the bank declared that their CCTV recording equipment has been broken, so no video records are available as evidence.

Police are still investigating the missing gold and the family have reached out on social media for anyone who has any information to come forward.