Gangs Accused of Throwing Rocks at Vehicles on Superhighway

 | Mon 18 May 2015 10:08 ICT

CityNews – A post shared on social networks has been widely discussed in Chiang Mai after accusations of gangs throwing rocks at cars on the Chiang Mai – Lampang road.

smashed window

35-year-old Piyapat Tangtrakunkantha has subsequently confirmed the accusation to be true, informing the police that on May 13, around 8pm, he was riding a minibus and just after the Nongprathip intersection which had a window smashed by a hard object.

His 10-year-old nephew, also in the minibus, told police that he allegedly saw a man in the central reservation holding a rock.

Police have investigated the area and found now useful traces of the unidentified person, but believe that if somebody did throw a rock at the vehicle they will be able to use CCTV to identify the person responsible.

The investigation is ongoing.