Foreign man injured by falling metal from truck

 | Thu 23 Jul 2020 21:28 ICT

Earlier today the Ruamjai Foundation were alerted to an accident involving a foreign man.

On arrival at the Patan Bridge, they found a 45-50 year old foreign national sitting by the side of the road with a severe wound sliced into his leg.

He was rushed to Ram hospital where he is being treated.

According to Sriwittaya Sasdi, 40, the driver of a lorry, he was driving under the tunnel with his truck which was carrying metal poles and scaffolding when one was caught on a low hanging sign and must have slipped off the back of his truck. It fell on the foreign man who was driving his motorbike behind the truck, injuring him.

Police say that they will bring both parties in to investigate and negotiate a settlement. They also warn the public to carefully secure any items on their vehicles.